To build muscle on a plant-based diet, you need to understand your body’s true calorie and macronutrient requirements. This is easier than you might think. You need to calculate your basal metabolic rate, which is based on your height, age, and gender. Then, you need to calculate your daily protein and calorie intake accordingly.

As muscle is made up of protein, it’s crucial to have adequate amounts of protein and amino acids for muscle building. Eating adequate amounts of protein before and after your workouts will help muscles repair and grow faster. Moreover, eating high-protein foods will replenish your body’s glycogen stores, which is crucial for your muscle growth. While many fitness experts recommend eating animal products to increase protein levels, there are some vegan athletes who have found success with their diets without animal products.

While plant protein isn’t as easily digested as animal proteins, it can still help you build muscle. Plant protein contains the complete protein and the necessary EAAs. It can be a convenient solution for those who don’t want to compromise their protein intake. You can even use a vegan protein powder to meet your protein requirements and boost your muscle growth.

Generally, animal protein is superior for strength and muscle mass gains, due to its higher amino acid content and digestibility. However, a high-protein plant-based diet is just as effective in building muscle as a vegetarian diet. A study published in the scientific journal Sports Medicine found that men who followed a plant-based diet saw similar muscle growth and strength gains as those who followed a conventional diet.

Beans are another good source of protein. Beans, lentils, and soy milk all contain about 20g of protein per 100g. They’re also inexpensive and versatile and can be easily added to dishes. You can even buy them in canned form to save time and hassle. They’re also packed with vitamins.

As a vegan, it’s important to consume enough protein in order to build muscle. If you’re a regular vegetarian, you might find it more difficult to get enough protein. However, you can supplement with a vegan protein powder. Alternatively, eat foods high in protein, such as tofu or chickpeas. By eating plant-based protein supplements, you can boost your protein intake and build muscle. You can even eat these as snacks – check out Instagram, there’s lots of delicious step by step vegan recipes!

When compared to a conventional diet, plant-based proteins are just as effective. In fact, plant-based proteins contain the same essential amino acids as animal protein. In this way, they’re a great replacement for dairy and meat in vegan diets. However, some vegan athletes need more protein than their omnivorous counterparts.

Plant-based protein powders are another good source of protein. You can find many protein powders made from hemp, pea, and chia seeds, which all contain up to 20 grams of protein per serving. In addition, they contain a lot of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.