Chocolate is a popular confectionery that is often made using cocoa beans from cacao trees. While cacao is a plant-based product, it can contain dairy products such as milk. If you are vegan, you can buy chocolate that contains no dairy products, but there are some exceptions.

Cadbury plant bar

A new vegan bar from Cadbury is coming to Ireland next month, launching in Supervalu, Dunnes Stores and Tesco stores. With 100% plant-based ingredients, this bar is suitable for vegans. The bar also comes in an eco-friendly packaging that uses certified bio-sourced plastics.

The Cadbury Plant Bar is a dairy-free chocolate bar that is certified vegan by the Vegan Society. The confectionery giant, which owns global brands like Cadbury, created the new product following two years of R&D. It replaces dairy milk with almond paste, which mimics the taste and texture of milk. This helps to maintain the creamy taste of the bar. It is also packaged in 100% plant-based packaging that is certified as bio-sourced and renewable by ISCC.

The new bar will be available in two flavours: smooth chocolate and salted caramel. It will sit next to the standard bar on the shelf. This chocolate bar has been developed over two years in the Mondelez International’s Bournville facility. It replaces the milk component with almond paste, which provides a similar taste to milk, while adding a nuttiness. The plant bar will probably cost around EUR3 – the same as the standard Dairy Milk bar.

Mars Galaxy vegan

If you’re a vegan, you may already know that the new vegan Galaxy bar is coming to Ireland. This bar is made with hazelnut paste, and it has the same smooth texture as its regular cousin. It’s also packaged in a compostable and recyclable sleeve. It will be available at Tesco stores starting on November 18. Moreover, you can purchase it from Amazon and Ocado.

The vegan Galaxy is the first chocolate bar to be made with no dairy. The chocolates have been certified by the Vegan Society, making them a great choice for vegans. You can choose from three different flavours. These vegan chocolate bars will cost PS3 for a 100g bar. As with other vegan products, Mars uses environmentally-friendly packaging materials. These bars will be available in 111 Tesco stores in Ireland. Also, they’ll be available online through Ocado and distributors.

Benoit’s unique chocolate creations

The unique chocolate creations from Benoit Lorge are made from the finest cocoa beans from around the world, Irish butter, and local flavouring. They are made into bars, truffles, and Easter eggs. Each product is hand decorated with delicious ingredients. Benoit has become one of Ireland’s top chocolatiers.


The vegan version of KitKat arrived in Centra and SuperValu stores yesterday. This new chocolate bar is made from sustainable cocoa, and is certified by The Vegan Society. It has all the delicious taste of its non-vegan counterpart. However, it will cost more than the regular KitKat.

Nestle plans to sell this new vegan KitKat in 15 countries across Europe. The new chocolate bar is 18% less carbon-friendly than the milk chocolate version. It also uses plant-based ingredients and is certified vegan by the Carbon Trust. The company has previously developed plant-based alternatives for meat and seafood, and it has even produced plant-based ready meals. Now they are putting their expertise to good use by developing vegan alternatives to their existing products.

Nestle has launched the vegan KitKat in Ireland. The chocolate bar has the same taste as the original KitKat, but is made from plant-based ingredients. The company’s research and development centre in England has developed the new vegan KitKat recipe. The company is committed to introducing plant-based food into the mainstream. It has already introduced dairy-free coffee mixes and Carnation Vegan condensed milk.