Organic Baby Cream

Organic Baby Cream is a great moisturizer for baby’s delicate skin. It contains soothing botanicals that are ideal for babies with dry skin and diaper rash. It can be used for all-over moisturizing and as a diaper balm. This emollient is also hypoallergenic and pH-balanced.

Another key ingredient in Vegan Baby Cream is organic coconut butter. This is a naturally condensed form of organic coconut oil that contains no chemicals. It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and melts at room temperature. It is also very soothing for babies and adults with sensitive skin. Organic coconut butter is a better choice than beeswax, and you can be sure it will not cause allergies.

Organic Baby Cream is a great choice for protecting your baby’s delicate skin. This moisturizing lotion can be used by adults as well, and is free of chemicals. It will protect your baby’s skin and improve its radiance and health.


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